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The story of our brand started in 2012 with a lover of spearfishing and apnea (our dear Julien!) who started his own design and production of carbon fins. He has spent years developing his models with passion, leading to a range of exceptional blades, entirely handmade and made completely out of carbon.


While the brand was on a rising slope Julien fell ill and ceased his activity ... it was only in 2019 that he handed over, his brand and his expertise to 2 craftsmen from the Lot (in France) specialized in composite materials (also passionate about water sports!).


Thus the JFE team is reformed in 2020 to perpetuate the brand with Frédéric and Logan Renaudon, father and son, in charge of development and manufacturing ; Accompanied by Jonathan Deme, our favorite Breton who provided expertise during the development, we were able to recover Julien's range and bring our personal touch.

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